“I’ve always had trouble relaxing at night, but after listening to this product, things will never be the same again.”

M.Gaylor – Hertfordshire


Thank you for sending the product so promptly, which is really working for me. I have had a stressful time for the last few weeks with my brother-in-law being killed in a tragic farming accident, being crushed in bales of hay.

Then I heard I have to go into hospital, which all affects sleeping. At first I thought what a short audio, then I realized I was going to sleep and not hearing the end of it. When I wake early in the mornings I started playing it then and then heard the end of it.

I think it is good how you have incorporated the two voices. I think you should market this as an answer for insomniacs because it really does work.

Sandra Threadgold – Cheshire


Many thanks for the audio, it has certainly helped me to relax and to give up smoking.

D. Hart – Pirton


“Initially I was amazed at how easy the audio made it to relax. After the session I felt relaxed and calm and didn’t initially realize how my unconscious mind had been affected.

Dealing with situations that are usually very stressful has become much easier. I no longer find myself being wound up by certain people who can usually make me very angry in a short space of time.

I can now deal with them in a calm, relaxed manner. I no longer feel like committing road rage every morning and I don’t get stressed when I can’t find somewhere to park. I will continue listening on a regular basis – if I can get it back from my husband!”

J. Jeffs – Managing Director


“As a result of listening to your product I am now capable of being more relaxed in a stressful situation, for instance, when I visit the dentist I am now able to relax fully and before I realize what has happened, it’s over. Thanks.”

D.Whittaker – Letchworth


Many thanks for the audio you sent. I am using it every other day and find it a great help. Many many thanks.

Sean – Belfast


I recently purchased your audio, which I do find relaxing… do you produce any other products, if so please could you send me a list? I am about to start a new job, I would be interested in any material to increase confidence.

Mrs. V. Palmer – Suffolk


When I started listening to the audio I didn’t really know what to expect… I was told that it would help me relax and it certainly did that, to such an extent that I have never managed to hear it all the way through, as I have always fallen asleep before I got to the end.

On one occasion when I was listening to it, my 20 year old son also joined me, he also was sound asleep before it ended, he couldn’t believe it.

My husband has also commented on how calmer I seem to be generally, which amazes me because I am normally quite hyper, especially at work… I can never sit still, but having listened to the audio that’s all changed. I feel more relaxed generally about things… which seems quite strange.

If anyone has problems with getting to sleep or would like to feel calmer and in more control of their life, then I highly recommend this product, as it has worked for me every time.

C. Pym – Stevenage